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Speeding Ski Jets from Drone
Ocean Reef, Perth, Western Australia



White Cockatoo Perth Western Australia Mirror Park, Ocean Reef.


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How drones work
Episode one

Introduction, barometer and optical flow system.

Links and notes for episode one.


How drones work
Episode two - the IMU
Links and notes for episode two

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Do not engage Google Assistant whilst flying your Mavic 2. Even if you are not using your Android device to fly turn off Google assistant. I lost control of my Mavic 2 on four occasions after initiating Google Assistant it was very dangerous. Dated Thursday 21st March 2019. Please wait for software upgrade for your Mavic 2.

This is how DJI designed the Mavic 2 to launch and land from your hand.
Part two



This is how close you can get with the Mavic 2 Zoom
Using 2*optical and 2*digital zoom. Amazing technology.
This is an incredible technological development when all
the fuss was about the Mavic 2 Pro which DJI released at the
same time.

It may be an old drone but the Phantom 3 Standard is still a great drone.
And you can get them for about $500AU what a bargain!