Links and notes for episode one.

Links for episode one. Introduction, barometer and optical flow system
These links don’t necessarily relate to the Tello but they explain the technology in good simple English.

More specification sheets.

This is made possible with a combination of Intel’s Movidius vision processing unit (VPU) and DJI’s flight stabilization technology.

How an optical mouse works
How an optical mouse works.


Notes for video.

1          How drones work episode one
Introduction, barometer and optical flow systems.

Watch this!

2          Take off, forward, flips, return and hand land.

3          This is a Tello and I think it’s the best little drone because it does so much.
I will leave the links under the video link at page along with notes to the video episodes if you want to research yourself or you are a teacher/educator for a lesson in a classroom.

4          Why am I presenting these video episodes?
            Well I wanted to know how drones work. So, I searched the WWW and all I found was highly technical documents.
            I want to present a few episodes maybe 5 or 10 so anyone can understand. It’s an introduction to how drones work. All the links and notes are a starting point for you so you can do more research. So, it is aimed at the average person who has not got a technical knowledge.

5          We will be looking at three drones, this one is a Tello. We will then look at a Mavic 2 and finally a Phantom. They are all DJI drones. I do not work for DJI or receive any income from anyone for these episodes. Why DJI? Because they are very popular and cover all the major aspects of drone technology. More importantly I have these three drones J

6          So in the coming episodes we will look at the following aspects

            Today we are going to look at the Barometer and Optical Flow system.

7          In future episodes we are going to look at:

the CPU (Central Processing Unit).

8          The good the bad and the ugly, what drones are being used for.

9          The future of drone technology.

10        The laws and regulations, are they fair, too much or too little.

These will change as we go along based of feedback from contributors.

If you have enjoyed these episodes and have learned, even a little, how drones work I will achieved what I started out to do.